The Crafting Corner with Keri: How to make an Autumn/Fall Wreath

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The Crafting Corner

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Come on in and join me for a while. To those of you who have always wanted to explore your “crafty” side, or have never thought that you could have a “crafty” is some help!

You don’t have to be afraid any longer, it really is not that hard, and I will show you step-by-step how to put ideas together and come out with a finished product. One, you can be proud of and want to display.


For the Autumn and Fall Season, let’s learn:

How to Make a Wreath with Fall Decor.

Supplies Needed:

Wreath form (Grapevine, Straw, Metal form, Styrofoam, Wood, etc.)

Bow, or Wire-Edged Ribbon, Raffia, etc. (Optional)

Fall Flowers

Filler Flowers

Paper Mache or Plastic Fruit (Pumpkins, Gourds, Apples, etc. – Optional)

Pine Cones (Optional)

Fall Potpourri (Optional)

Cinnamon Sticks (Optional)

Needle Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters

Floral Wire

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Twine (Optional)



Our 1st step is to find a wreath to decorate. Now, most often you will find Grapevine Wreaths are used, however, wreaths can be made of Straw, a Metal Frame, Styrofoam, dried Vines, etc.

As long as you have a form in which to decorate, that is what matters. Here shown is a Grapevine Wreath that I am using.

The 2nd step is to make your Bow, if you desire a Bow. Many Wreaths do not have Bows and are beautiful without them. If you want one, there are several ways to make a Bow, (and I will create a post to show how to make a Bow in another article) or you can buy one already made.

You will usually need to have ribbon with a wire edge, or a stiff material so as to “shape” or bend your Bow. Place one end between your right fingers, create a loop to the left and wrap ribbon back to the middle, then if you have the same color ribbon on each side, do the same on the right side always coming back in the middle. You may have to twist the ribbon in the middle each time as you make loops if there is a difference in the front and back sides.You will want 2 to 4 loops on each side.

Then cut a piece of ribbon the length you desire for your streamers, around 12″-15″, and partner the middle of the ribbon with your loops. Hold onto your loops and ribbon, and take thin Floral Wire and wrap it around the middle of your loops and ribbon piece, tightening with Needle Nose Pliers. Clip any long excess wire with Wire Cutters and bend down the center into the back of the bow.

Next, attach the Bow with another piece of Floral Wire, Hot Glue, or Twine, for a secure hold. Your Bow can be placed in the Bottom Center, the Top Center, or either Side. It is your choice as to where you think looks best. Here is shown my Bow with an accent from my Potpourri in the middle.

The 3rd step is to pick out your main Fall Flowers. These will be your bigger stemmed flowers in whatever colors you choose. You will want a variety in different colors, sizes and varieties such as Mums, Daisies, Sunflowers, Roses, etc.

4th, you will want to have some Filler Flowers. These are your smaller Flowers, Buds, Berries, Leaves, etc. Pick a few that will go well with your bigger flowers.

5th, you may want to use some natural elements here to bring in some of the outdoors. Fun things to use are Pine Cones, Acorns, Twigs, little River Rocks, dried Berries and so on.

The 6th step is to add some unique accents through ideas such as Potpourri and Cinnamon Sticks. These always add some depth to your floral project.

The number 7 means completion…so it is fitting that this is the step where you will put things together for your Wreath. What you will want to do is to place your items around your Wreath to see what fits best and where. It is called “Staging” and this way you can see multiple ways to decorate. You might even want to take some pictures to see what the Wreath will look like.

Once you have made your decision and gotten all of the kinks worked out, plug in your Hot Glue Gun and begin to place your Bow where you want it if you are having one. Then place a big flower around the Bow, either on Top, to the Side, or Bottom. Then place some smaller flowers of contrasting colors around those. Using the stem, insert into the Wreath, and then glue for more support.

If you are not using a Bow, find your biggest flowers or flower and make them the focal point. They will act just like a Bow, and you will build other flowers around them. Continue until you are satisfied with the positioning of your bigger flowers and focal points. Use your Filler flowers to enhance the bigger ones and this is a good place to add some green leaves and Fall leaves as well, especially to cover areas where you might see glue from the Hot Glue Gun.

Place Pine Cones or Paper Mache Fruits around to add character, and use some Potpourri and Cinnamon Sticks too! Fill it as much or as little as you like ~ It’s your creation!

Add some Twine or Ribbon to make a hanger for your door, over a mirror, china cabinet or wherever you wish to place your Fall Wreath and Enjoy!


Do you want a Wreath, Centerpiece, or other Holiday Decor and don’t have the time or know-how? Let me help you'”Decorate for the Holidays”! Contact me at for more information and let’s get together!