The Mom Squad Needs Writers!

We have been blessed to have so many talented and fun contributors here at the High Country Mom Squad! Even people who never thought they would be writers have come out of their comfort zone and shared their lives and expertise with us!

Here are the topics I have in my brain!  Now we just need YOU to step up and make the Mom Squad even MORE awesome!


Weekend Events (weekly)

Recently, Amy Forrester, who has written our weekend events posts, has become really busy with work and family, and that is a good thing… for her!  While she will occasionally contribute here, she won’t be able to continue doing every week’s post!  As you guys saw last week, I am really not very good at this!  We will definitely miss her!

So if you are interested in rounding up some of the best activities each weekend and writing about it, WE NEED YOU!! You’ll have help from our calendar page and our article posts, and of course, the resourceful Mom Squad audience!

High Country Dads (monthly/bi-weekly)

Are you a High Country Dad that would like to share your perspective on family life? I have been searching high and low for a dad who’s just bursting to have a platform, and I guess most of the guys I’ve asked are just scaredy-cats!  {goading completely intentional!}  I’m looking for monthly or every other week!  I’ve heard from some dads lately who would like to connect with others, so I know it is definitely a need here!

Wellness and Fitness (monthly)

I would really like to find someone to write well-rounded articles about this topic.  If you are a local Wellness or Fitness expert, you would be welcome to link to your website.    We would like to feature varied techniques and tips for health and wellness in general.

Moms Across the US

Are you a Mom Blogger who lives somewhere other than the High Country? {chances are pretty good on that one!} We would love to branch out and hear what is going on in YOUR area!  Moms have so much in common, and it has been a wonderful perk of blogging to peek into cities and towns across the country and meet some awesome people!  I want to share that with moms here in the High Country!

Got another idea?  Pitch me!  I think it’s important to have YOUR voice included on the site!

Contact Sarah through the Contact Page if you are interested!  I’m waiting with bated breath to hear from you….


  1. When school starts.. I will connect with you to start doing a post. Also, check with William Purcell. He would be an awesome daddy blogger!!!

  2. Andy Lockwood says

    I am a “stay at home Dad” okay now I’ll sit down. I am not sure how I got here, one thing just led to another, I guess everyone else was doing it so I thought “hey! why not?” Okay, enough kidding around. I’m a hardwood flooring contractor from Michigan, I’m also a licensed builder who has done just about every type of construction or remodeling project under the sun. All of this might sound like a lot of work to some people, but it is like vacationing compared to what my day is like taking care of my 4yr. old daughter and 2yr. old son. I’ve been in Boone for 2 months now and I know there are plenty of Mom’s out there with their kids but it would be nice to meet some dads in my situation. I am also an older father so at forty nine yaers old it some times is hard to carry on a conversation with a twenty something year old mother or father for that matter. So it would be really nice if I could meet some fathers out there that are in their 30’s to 50’s that would want to set up play dates (on the golf course, ha ha) we could do adventurous things like, climbing, biking, caving, fishing,kayaking,canoeing, etc.

  3. Oh Sarahgirl. You know I can’t stay away… I’ll start posting again soon! 🙂

  4. Yippee! I’m lost without you! LOL!!