Naming Your Homeschool

It’s July! That means it’s time to play the name game, homeschoolers. If you’re a newbie, or just moved to NC, now is a good time to get registered with the DNPE. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can do it all online in just a couple of minutes, instead of having to write things and mail things and wait like in the olden days.

Before you let the bureaucrats know you’re homeschooling, though, you need to choose a name for your school. Naming your school isn’t difficult, but be thoughtful about it. I think I read somewhere that the name you choose is the name you’re stuck with. You can keep it simple, with just your family name (i.e. Smith Academy), or get really silly (Mrs. Brubaker’s School for Gifted Children Desiring Academic Excellence and Juicy Peach Pies). As far as I know, no one is going to turn down your application based on a boring or ridiculous name.

I’ve planned to homeschool since the first time I saw two lines on a pregnancy test, but somehow I never got around to choosing a name for our school until last week. Since I’ve been blogging about my hillbilly homeschool for a couple of years now, I naturally wanted to name ours The Hillbilly Homeschool for Jesus. If you’ve ever heard me talk, there really can’t be any doubt about my hill-dwelling heritage. I hope it’s equally obvious that I’m doing this for Jesus. So that’s a perfectly descriptive name for our school. Don’t you agree?

My husband–who is apparently the only adult in this family–is the final arbiter of these things, and he didn’t think this was funny at all. For one thing, he’s not a hillbilly. He spent a good bit of his childhood in New England, so the hillbilly label isn’t funny to him. For him, them’s fightin’ words. Also, are we really going to make our children go through life with that on their diploma? Well, no. It’s a joke, honey. Yeesh!

Given the fact that we’d be trying to get our children into college with that moniker on the transcripts, Jesse’s steadier head prevailed and we decided on Hillside Christian Academy. That’s a pretty solid name. Descriptive, respectable, presentable. Boring. It’s so perfectly normal I’ll bet at least four other families in these mountains chose that very name.

I guess some things just can’t be made exciting. Maybe some of you other parents have better imaginations than I do.

What did you/will you name your homeschool?


  1. We named ours Appalachian Heritage School.

  2. I love it! This is such a fun insight – Thanks for sharing! My mom named the homeschool of my childhood “Son-rise Academy.” I worked on an organic farm for a stint where the farmer’s wife called her ‘unschooling’ homeschool “Raised in a Barn.”

  3. Cindy, i love the Hillbilly Homeschool, not too sure about the unfortunate spawn, but Jesse is just being a silly-head. however, the college part caught my attention, thnx for thinking of that Jesse!!!

  4. We are “Excelsior Christian Academy” (pun intended!) With a last name like Christian we struggled with being creative yet sounding like a “real” school. I loved that excelsior means “higher,upward” and a latin word always sounds impressive. We got playful and fun with our mascot- THE UNICORNS! I let the kids choose it and we’re getting shirts printed. A little insane? YES but I am entering the homeschool world with a high school freshman so I am a little insane.

    • You ARE a little insane! I think that’s wonderful. I think we may have to dream up a mascot and some t-shirts ourselves. That’s a good idea!

  5. Cindy, You are brilliant to begin your homeschooling series on school names. It IS important. I never got around to thinking about our name and the year Anna turned 7 thoughtlessly put “Jobe Academy” down for our name. You are right. It can’t be changed. Daniel has said 100 times over the past ten years, “Had I known our name was permanent and our kids would graduate under such a title, I’d have put more thought into it!” I love the diploma for the Hillbilly School… lol! And… I love your name – very dignified.

    • Oh, ouch! You’d think they’d let you change it. I’ll bet private schools change their names with no trouble. Unfair. 🙁

  6. Such a brilliant post, Cindy! If we were to homeschool, I think that would be such a hard decision!

  7. In Tennessee, we don’t have to choose school names, thank goodness! But most people go through an umbrella school. Our Umbrella for the last couple of years has been Berean Christian School which has a semi-exclusive brick and mortar school as well. If I were to school my kids through high school they would receive the same diploma and transcript as those who spent thousands of dollars.

    But since we’re moving to Nashville, I’ve had a real hard time finding an umbrella school without a super-dorky name. If it’s going to be issuing my kids’ high school transcript, I want it to sound academic, you know?

  8. Amanda (the sister) says

    Hmmm, mascots and t-shirts. Sounds like a job for Aunt Amanda. I think the Kangaroo would be a perfect mascot for such a rambunctious group (though your oldest would probably think I’m just silly). I’ll start working on a t-shirt design once the animal goes through panel 🙂

    • I’ll ask the kids what they think about a kangaroo. David thinks everything is silly these days. He’s very uptight.

  9. I love your name much more than the other name! lol I laughed when reading it! I’m hoping to start doing some supplemental homeschooling here in August, and throughout the year, to see if I’m really cut out for homeschooling my children. {I’m such a B student myself…in everything}

    Now…what would our name be!? lol Thanks for putting the thought in my head!

    • Personally, I’d rather work with a B student any day. They’re not so scared of imperfection that they won’t get up and try again when they mess up. ;0) I hope you love homeschooling as much as I do! It really is worth the effort. I hope…