The Nutcracker Waltzes Through Town December 12-13

Every December as I grew up, my mom would take me to the production of the Nutcracker Ballet in Raleigh. I danced all through my childhood and teen years, but my studio didn’t perform the Nutcracker.  I would imagine what it would be like to dance that piece, and even though each year, it was virtually the same, I absolutely loved it!

For me, it’s just not Christmas without the Nutcracker! Studio K Dance Workshop performs the Nutcracker Nutcracker Featureevery year here in Boone, and it’s always a grand production.  One or more of my daughters have performed in the Nutcracker for the past 5 years.  It’s the same feeling as I had as a child watching them each Christmas season.  This year, I will attempt to strap on the pointe shoes again and dance in the Nutcracker for the first time ever. (and the first time dancing in 15 years) I say “attempt” because we still have a month to go!  The rehearsals have been fun, but extremely challenging.  I’ve gone through feelings of triumph for being able to go back to what I loved, to defeat when my 35-year-old (out of ballet-shape) body just won’t do what it used to.

But whatever happens, it will be exciting, so be sure to get your tickets!  The Studio K production is a spectacular presentation of the Holiday favorite, featuring local dancers of all ages!  For more information and to order tickets, call Farthing auditorium at 1-800-841-2787 or 828-262-4046 or visit

Here is a video preview of what you can expect this year!



  1. I LOVE The Nutcracker but when I clicked on the link in the article to buy tickets, The Nutcracker is not on the list of those available for purchase, nor is it listed as one of the shows at Farthing. Is it possible that it is sold out so they are not advertising it anymore?

  2. Great video preview! Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like The Nutcracker!