The Value of Experience

It’s so great to hear feedback about the Mom Squad from all kinds of moms! One friend, who has raised and home schooled three awesome boys, said she laughs every time she sees the Mom Squad site, with the pregnant mom, thankful that she’s past that stage.

I’ve been thinking about some of my… “more experienced”… mom friends. Moms of young kids tend to need something to connect with each other, and find out what’s going on. Many of us are staying at home while our kids are young, and if we work outside the home, there is so little time in the evenings before bedtime.

But it’s also important for moms with young kids to connect with … “more experienced”… moms, and learn from them. I value my friends who have been where I am and survived… not just survived, but thrived!

So I have a question for all moms.

As a more experienced mom, what is one piece of advice you would give a mom of younger children?

As a mom of younger children, what is one valuable lesson you’ve learned from someone who’s been there?

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