Tips For More Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be such a crazy time.  You know you need rest, and many times you find yourself fatigued, but if you have other children running around or if you work full time you can’t always find time to lay your head on the pillow.

Then, during nighttime when you do find time to lay your head on the pillow it is easy to be uncomfortable because of your big belly, or you have to use the bathroom several times a night.  Or, maybe you just have plain old insomnia.  You could be day dreaming about your new precious little one or just have so much on your mind to accomplish before that little bundle of joy enters the world that you can’t rest peacefully.

So, what do you do to get that much needed rest?  You know that during the first couple of months when that newborn comes you aren’t going to find yourself sleeping much.  Surely, there are some tips or tricks that might help you find that restful night sleep so that you don’t have to battle all that fatigue daily.

Get plenty of Calcium – Did you know that a calcium deficiency can cause insomnia?  Calcium and Magnesium work in partnership in the body to help you function properly, so if you find that you aren’t sleeping well try a calcium and magnesium supplement.  From my research, a calcium and magnesium citrate may be best since it contains acid which will also help your body absorb the minerals.

Minimize Stress – Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to completely rid your body of stress, but it is best if you can find some ways to minimize it.  Aromatherapy like lavender oils on your pillow or in a relaxing bath could help.  Examine your life to make that you help reduce stressful relationships and situations if you can.  Feel the freedom to take a step back instead of pushing yourself too far and listen to your body.

Try Relaxing Herbs – Not all herbs are recommended for pregnancy, so make sure you do some further research if you aren’t sure.  However, herbs like chamomile can be put in teas or concentrated in glycerites in order to take the edge off.  You can even safely take a mixture of chamomile and lavender buds as a tea that can help calm your mind.

Exercise – Exercise is known to reduce stress hormones like cortisol.  Find a prenatal exercise class in your area, take long walks, or try prenatal yoga.  Exercising will also help your body prepare for a restful nights sleep.

Get Plenty of Sunshine – Getting sunshine during the day can help you sleep better at night.  When getting plenty of sunshine during the day it will increase your melatonin output at night.  Since that is the hormone that helps you go and stay asleep you will rest much better!

Get More Pillows- Make yourself nice and comfy at night. Prop a pillow in between your knees and under your belly to help you sleep better.  Made sure the parts of your body that may be vulnerable at night because of your loosening muscles are supported well.

Limit your water intake before bed – During pregnancy you are supposed to consume between 64 and 96 ounces of water a day.  That is a lot of water.  You might feel like you are going to float away.  But, it is really important so try to consume as much water as you can during the first half of the day, so at night you can limit your water intake an hour or so before bed time.  That way, you will have your daily needs met but you aren’t up all night using the bathroom.

You might want to pass this article on to any expecting friends that you know that are needing that quiet rest time!