Tips to Have a Green Halloween

I can’t believe it.  The end of October is approaching very quickly and Halloween is almost here.    How did that happen?  I just found out today that my son needs to wear his costume to           preschool on Thursday.  They are going to have all the preschoolers line up and parade down    the hall.  How cute is that going to be?

I would kind of like to see statistics on how many children are at home sick after the Halloween holiday.  Processed sugars can suppress the immune system for up to seven hours so who knows how many hours of immune system suppression many kids are going to face after they Halloween treat gathering.  Not to mention all the high fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives that will wreak havoc on the body as well.  Plus, little plastic toys, candy wrappers, and plastic decorations that are just going to get thrown out after the day of festivities ends.

Fortunately, it is not impossible to green your Halloween in the coming week.  Here are some tips on encouraging a safe, green, and healthy Halloween this season.

Green Your Treats

Consider giving out organic apples or miniature pumpkins from a local far or farmer’s market.  Or, if it is acceptable in your neighborhood (like you know most of the children that are coming to your door) try giving out homemade treats that are made only from natural minimally processed ingredients.   You could also consider giving out  quarters, nickles, or even pennies to the little guys.  That’s right empty your change jar.  If you want to give out chocolate look into to purchasing fair trade chocolate.

Green Your Costume

Consider renting, purchasing a costume used, or being creative by making up your own.  It would be super easy to create a cowboy costume with a bandanna, a hat, and some boots.  Keep in mind that many store bought costumes include cheap materials, and non- earth friendly plastics.  Not to mention that many of them come in from possible sweat shops over seas.   Also, keep your eye out for Halloween make-up that contains many toxins that can easily be absorbed in to the skin when applied to the sweet faces of your children.   Instead choose organic products that are non-toxic.

Green Your Decorations

Instead of buying cheap decorations that are just going to sit in a land fill consider decorating with nature that is easily found in your yard or at a farmer’s market.  The best decorations are pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves to spice up your decor.  There is no need for all that spooky stuff found at local party stores.  By using nature you will be saving your wallet, the earth, and not scaring the pee out of those sweet little toddlers that are going to visit you at your door.

Choose to Be Green With Your Pumpkin

If you are going to eat your pumpkin you may want to choose an organic pumpkin or purchasing it from a local farmer.  Just like other produce pumpkins can carry lots of pesticides and toxins.  After carving you can then toast the seeds for a healthy and festive treat.

After the holiday is over consider composting your pumpkin instead of throwing it in the trash to rot.

Here’s to a green, safe, happy, healthy Halloween!