High Country Moms: The Triathamoms!

I’m always saying, “I really need to get in shape!” Sometimes I think I should just get a t-shirt saying that, then I wouldn’t have to say it so much! Anyway… I want you to meet a group of moms that aren’t just saying they need to get in shape. They are taking Nike’s advice, and just doing it!

Begun by local moms Shaele Massey, and LeAnn Gregory, the Boone Amateur Triathamoms describe themselves like this:

We are all a bunch of out-of-shape and/or overweight moms trying to get in shape and start on a path to better health. None of us have ever done anything close to a triathlon before. Or even run a 5K! Our first event will be the sprint triathalon in Winston on September 14th. This includes a 12 mile bike, a 300 m swim (that’s 12 lengths of the pool or 6 laps) and a 5K (which is the equivalent of about 3.1 miles). While this may seem impossible, as it does to us, you can do it! We’ve put a training program, helpful links, testimonials, etc. on this sight to help us all reach our goal. The only thing we ask is that you commit to doing all three parts of this triathlon (the swimming, biking, and running). So strap on your running shoes, get your suit on, buy some bike shorts, and let’s get going!

A lot of these moms are personal friends, and I am so proud of them for putting action to their words! I think we can all learn a lesson from their courage, as some of them have never even exercised regularly at all!

What is it about which you are saying, “I really need to…?” What can you do about it? Take some advice from the Triathamoms: Get a group of people that can hold you responsible, set a plan, and stick to it. If the Triathamoms can do it, so can we!.