Tweetsie Railroad and Letterland Days – A Perfect Fit!

Tweetsie, a fun-filled western theme park in the mountains of North Carolina, teamed up once again with the magical world of Letterland Days for the 6th year and ran through May 17th. When Letterland Days is happening, each year they bring the Alphabet to life by using Letter characters to help kids learn in a non-traditional way of teaching called the Multi-Sensory Approach coupled with Phonics. This means that a child is learning using more than one of their five senses. Most teaching in schools have been through sight or hearing where the child uses sight in Reading and Hearing in listening to their teacher.


Letterland was founded by Lyn Wendon in 1968 and has been successful for over 44 years, selling in over 100 countries. Known for it’s child-friendly approach, Letterland has positively helped to raise the literacy standards among students in North Carolina and worldwide. Each year, Tweetsie Railroad and Letterland Days are a perfect fit for each other, as well as the High Country communities to celebrate our children’s literary achievements.Visitors can expect lots of excitement, and when Letterland is in full swing, will have the opportunity to meet some of Letterland’s favorite characters including Clever Cat, Yellow Yo-Yo Man, Eddy Elephant, Harry Hat Man, Kicking King and Red Robot, just to name a few. In addition, guests can ride on Firefighter Fred’s Ferris Wheel, Talking Tess’s Train, explore Zig Zag Zebra’s Zoo, and much more for a true hands on and personal adventure.

As many know, it was local reading specialist Kathy Oliver, who first brought the Letterland information and vision to life at Tweetsie in 2007,
and Tweetsie continues to help that vision come true more than five years later. Tweetsie wants to further bringing awareness through education, along with these unique opportunties and efforts with Letterland. Even though Letterland Days are over for this season, visitors can still take part with the Learning Express offered through this Friday, May 25th, and every Friday after Labor Day through Oct. 26th.


The Learning Express is a day full of fun at Tweetsie Railroad which includes a ride on the Learning Express Train, as they pull out of Main Street several times daily. It is a special train ride that gives teachers and parents a way to bring History, Math, and Science alive, active, and loaded with fun for kids and students. Parents and teachers can also obtain curriculum guides at


As Tweetsie season is in full gear now, make sure to mark your calendars for the Learning Express and next year for Letterland Days. Kids, parents, and teachers alike will have a memorable experience, one sure not to be forgotten as education comes alive and new again! For more information, visit their website at or call them at 877-TWEETSIE.