Tweetsie Railroad Opens This Friday with a Giveaway!!

Contest is closed: winner is Jen @One Mom’s World!

It’s that time of year again!  Tweetsie Railroad, the High Country’s very own amusement park, will open with the sound of the tooting engineTweetsie Railroad!  There is so much to do at Tweetsie, and it’s a great place to meet for playdates!

Tweetsie Railroad will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting April 30, and seven days a week from May 28 through August 22 before returning to the weekend schedule from August 27 through October 31, including Labor Day Monday. The 2010 season ends Sunday, October 31. The park’s regular hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but will be open until 9:00 p.m. on July 4th, and also from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for the Ghost Train Halloween Festival Friday and Saturday nights in October. In addition, the park will open at 8:00 a.m. both Saturdays (June 5 and 12) during the popular Day Out With Thomas™ event. Daily admission is $32 for adults and $22 for Tweetsie Railroad Enginechildren ages 3 through 12. Children 2 and under are admitted free.

From now through May 2, guests can take advantage of preseason rates and save up to $15
per pass (adults save $15, children $10).
Adults can visit Tweetsie all season long for $65, and
children ages 3-12 for $45. After May 2, season pass rates are $80 for adults and $55 for
children. Visit and print out your season passes right from home!

Special events this year include Dora the Explorer and Diego, Frisbee Dogs, Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine and more!


Tweetsie Railroad would like to award one Mom Squad reader with a Family Four-Pack of  Tickets to visit the park this season! I am so excited to be able to offer this giveaway worth $108!!  (Complimentary tickets are NOT valid during Day Out With Thomas or Ghost Train) It is really easy to enter:

TO ENTER: Leave a Comment on this post, sharing your favorite memory of Tweetsie Railroad, wither as a child or as a parent!

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This contest is open to residents and visitors of the High Country age 18 or older.  Contest will run through Saturday, May 1 , and a winner will be announced on our winners page, and by email.   Winner will have 72 hours to claim your prize before an alternate winner is chosen. .


  1. I love how excited my boys get every year when they get to go to Tweetsie! It is so much fun to watch them have a great time!

  2. I was feeding the goats at the petting zoo when I was like 5, and one of them decided to snack on my classic orange t-shirt complete with my name on it. My mom snapped a photo, which still shows up at family events. I then proceeded to get my picture taken with the legendary Fred Kirby, wrinkled partially eaten shirt and all.

  3. I had great memories with my children at Tweetsie, but the most favorite was when both of my children were grown and we took my granddaughter. My son was getting ready to go to law school and we wanted to take Emma before he left, so that we could do it as a family.

    We have been blessed in the High Country to have Tweetsie for young to old.

  4. My favorite Tweetsie memory is when my then 2 yr. old Lucy went up on stage at the Hopper & Porter show to dance with the giant hammer – the hammer was at least twice as big as her! She loves Hopper & Porter!

    Kim Soucek
    Dan Soucek for NC Senate!

  5. Amana Matheson says

    I had so much fun with my twins at Tweetsie last year. I can’t wait to visit again!~

  6. We love going to Tweetsie. Last year my husband, daughter and I went and had the best time ever. We can hardly wait to go again.

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  8. April Harmon says

    My memory of Tweetsie is when we went and seen the rain man. When I was younger my mother had taken us up there and we sat down and the rain man was up on the stage. We had started to eat some chips and that is when it had happened the rain “sprinklers” had come on. We had laughed the whole time we was in there. I have told my kids about that now everytime we have passed by it.

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  13. Trish Hicks says

    My favorite day at Tweetsie was the first time I took my son. Watching him enjoy the same things I loved as a child (minus Fred Kirby, of course!) was so awesome!

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  20. I think my favorite memory is also one of taking my son. He just loves trains – everything about trains. Taking him to see Tweetsie the first time was fun, but taking him back the next year when he was old enough to really know what was going on – definitely the best. He’s even been talking about Tweetsie all Summer and he recently had an interview with the Make a Wish folks. I had to seriously coach him NOT to ask for a day at Tweetsie, which was his FIRST wish!! He loves that place!

  21. I used to go every summer as a kid and it was so exciting and now I take my own children and it’s so great watching them get so excited and have fun!

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  27. We loved going through the ring of fire one year for Halloween!

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    tweetsie inspired my daughter to clog, and it’s her passion!

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  37. Favorite memory was our first time there and my daughter being mesmerized by hopper and porter. she was 1 1/2 at the time and i couldn’t get her off the satge from dancing.

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  40. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tweetsie Railroad!!!! My husband, Rodney, was a cowboy there while we were in college and our two boys love to go experience the Wild West Family Fun that IS Tweetsie 🙂

  41. for 4 years, we lived close enough to tweetsie to hear the train whistle all summer long. i loved hearing it and knowing that it was so close since my daughter loves that place!

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  45. We had so much fun taking our boys to Tweetsie the year before last. My sister worked there, so we got in free! That’s a lovely memory for someone as cheap as me! 🙂

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  51. My favorite memory is all the random times my son burst out singing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” Porter and Hopper style. He loves those guys as much as the rides. My least favorite memory is being trapped on the big train with a screaming two year old who can’t stand the gun shots during all the skits. He says he’s going to ride it this year and take ear plugs. We’ll see….

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  53. Kimberly Towle says

    Watching my boys’ faces the first time they saw the cowboy and Indian reenactment. Priceless!

  54. I went for the Ghost Train with my friend Sheri. We both came back horse from screaming so much – And even had someone at the Haunted House comment that going through it with us made it even more terrifying.

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  59. We’ve only been once in the 8 yrs. we’ve been here and would definitely love to go again! My favorite memory is when our daughter wanted to sit on the big horses around the front by the Train at Tweetsie. My husband put her up there so that we could take pictures of her and her twin brother. Well, after he put her up there, she decided that she didn’t like how high it was and did not let go of Daddy and wrapped her legs around the horse too, which just caused her to slide under the horse. It was such a sight and so very funny! Of course, she didn’t think so at the time, but can laugh about it now.

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  64. While we were in college my husband and I both worked at Tweetsie, which is how we met. So, I think that would be my favorite memory of TRR, meeting my future husband! 🙂

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  68. When I was really little (like 5 or so) we went to Tweetsie and I took a picture with Fred Kirby (the host of the Little Rascals TV Show)– I never knew that more than 20 years later, I would be living in Boone and have the chance to share the fun of Tweetsie with my own kids.

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  73. Jennifer Lawrence says

    I have a picture of me at Tweetsie when I was little girl that my kids love to look at. It was when there were no fences at the animal park and the goats decided to munch on my long braided hair. My children love Tweetsie now and are glad that the fences were built.

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  76. Lisa Braswell says

    My daughters and I have went to Tweetsie every year since 2005. My youngest has been wanting to go to Tweetsie for the past couple months. Just the other day we were going to Hickory and she looked up as we were passing Tweetsie and said Mom you have to stop, Tweetsie open, the light is red. It took me a while to explain that Tweetsie still wasn’t open even though the red light was now at Tweetsie not App Ski Mtn.

  77. When I was little, my uncle used to work there and sometimes he would take us on his day off.

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  80. Laura Chu Stokes says

    Never been to Tweetsie… yet! Hope to this summer tho’!

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  83. I loved seeing my kids ride the train for the first time. They loved it!! What a great memory!!

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  85. My favorite memory – that is tough – it has been an awesome two seasons of taking Liliana and Graves every time it is a blast. I think a memory that stands out from last year is when we went to see Thomas. Liliana stood at the overlook watching Thomas leave. Her daddy was with her and took a video, she asks to watch it about once a week!

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    I’ve never been to Tweetsie! Can’t wait to take my daughter for the first time (for both us) this year!!!

  102. My favorite memory is watching the cloggers when my oldest two were small. They were inspired and soon learned to clog themselves!

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  104. I enjoy seeing how excited my kids get when we get there. It doesn’t matter how many times we go, they never seem to get tired of Tweetsie!

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  106. Stacy Greer says

    My favorite memory was my two little girls first time riding the Ferris Wheel with me. They loved it, and all of Tweetsie.

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  110. As a native to Watauga, Tweetsie was a part of my childhood and now it is part of my daughters too. It is so cool to share memories with her.

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  115. Lots of good ones…fudge lady was watching Toph count his pennies to buy his own fudge and gave him a generous portion, I am sure he could not have afforded!

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  117. Jennifer Lacy says

    Fav childhood memories of Tweetsie RR: picture w/ Fred Kirby holding up my ponytails, singing “White Lightning” on stage at the Tweetsie Palace, Gram getting her white purse munched by the goats at the petting zoo

    Fav grown-up memory: going to the Ghost Train for the first time when I was 40! Fun!!

    Fav parent memories of Tweetsie RR: watching my kids’ eyes get huge when they actually saw and heard the train up close for the first time, spending summer days riding the Tweetsie Twister (love those season passes!) and “playing” at Tweetsie

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  121. When Madisyn and I rode the drop zone type ride two years ago, seeing her face when they dropped us midair will always stick on my mind.

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  129. jen smith says

    We’ve never been to Tweetsie, but my boys both loves trains a ton!! It would be a great experience for my sons 2nd Birthday coming up….

  130. Becky Gouge says

    Have gone since a child. Saw Jay North and Fred Kirby