Freebie Friday: Outer Sanctum Spray Tan, or “Wanna see my tan lines?”

So that was no joke… I’m going to show you my tan lines.  AFTER I tell you a little bit about my tanning experience. I have spent so much time in tanning beds, it is embarrassing.   As a naturally VERY pale person, I am constantly harassed by the “born tan” and people who have time to relax outside on a regular basis.  “Your legs are white.”  “You need to get some sun.”  UGH.  It’s very irritating.  So, anyway, in the past couple of years, I have been boycotting tanning beds in a effort to stay safe and healthy.  But, I’m not lucky enough to be able to spend every day out at the pool with my kids in the summer, either.  I have found my perfect solution, and I am SO excited.

When Brent Horner, owner of Outersanctum Salon (the area’s only Aveda concept salon) and fellow logolocal mom, told me that they were adding airbrush spray tanning, I was optimistic, but a bit skeptical. I have seen the victims of the stand-up spray tan at tanning salons who wind up orange and sometimes look like aliens around the foot and elbow area.  But I thought, what the heck?  It’s worth a try so that my bronze acquaintances will leave me alone, and maybe I will look a bit thinner!

Outersanctum is using Norvell Sunless Spray products, which apparently are the best in the business. The tan that I got is unbelievably natural, and I had results instantly!  From what they tell me, I will be even more tan tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see that!  This is a great option if you have a wedding or special event to attend, or are headed for an early trip to the beach!  It is also extremely reasonable!  No more need for sunglasses to keep those white legs from blinding everyone!

If you decide to give it a try, here are a few things to remember…

  • EXFOLIATE!!! Use a scrub to remove dry skin, so you don’t have weird patches.
  • Wear panties that you don’t like.  They will be tan, as well.  Pick one pair and wear them every time you go.
  • Wash off your makeup if you’d like to have your face tan, also.  I did this, and have not seen any skin issues, nor does it look strange.
  • Be sure not to shower within 4 hours of  your tan, and don’t use any soap products for 16 hours.  I had mine mid-afternoon, so I can take a shower in the morning.
  • Prepare yourself for nudity.  Seriously. You only have to take off what you are comfortable with, so you can leave your bra on if you feel better about it, but I went pretty much all the way.  It felt a little unnerving (and embarrassing) at first, but Jessica, the aesthetician who does the airbrush tanning, made me feel totally at ease.

As I promised, here are my tan lines.  Stretch marks and all.  Just for you!


Want one yourself?  Outersanctum will give one lucky MomSquad reader a free tan! To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post sharing your worst sunburn experience.  After all, this kind of tan is SO much safer than the sun!

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Three entries per family, please.  The contest will be open through Sunday Night, April 26, and the winner will be announced on our winners page, and by email on Monday.

Can’t wait?  Call Outersanctum at 828-264-8181 to set up your appointment.  Beginning to end it took less than 15 minutes, and I promise I’m as tan as I would be after a couple of weeks of tanning bed sessions!!



  1. Lindsey Thompson says

    I burnt my nose just in the time I was waiting for my parents to check in a hotel in cancun when I was 10 yrs. old. I had droplets of water coming from it. I had to go with my sister to the doctor for medcine after that.

  2. Lindsey Thompson says


  3. Amanda Matheson says

    I fell asleep in the sun, on my stomach, on a vacation in the Bahamas. I also had a wedgie so my right side got LOTS more sun than my left!

  4. I too fell asleep in the sun once but I was laying on my back with my hands behind my head so the tender underarm areas was burned. My face go it the worst and blistered up and I looked hideous. the worst part was I was in high school and was so embarrassed to go to school with all those blisters on my face.

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  6. I fell asleep on the beach once and had to ride home the next day wrapped in a sheet….ouch!

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  8. denise lovin says

    I was on spring break in Padre Island, Texas in the 80’s and my face got majorly burned, scabbed, and instead of staying home moping, went out with a paper bag over my head, really!!

  9. When I was young, I blistered the tops of my shoulders do bad I couldn’t speak, laugh of for that fact MOVE! I was miserable.

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  12. Maggie Farrington says

    I’ve gotten sun poisoning twice from the tanning bed (stupid me went back after the first time) and I have a friend who is dying of skin cancer (melanoma)- I will NEVER bake again- going to be a convert to the sunless tanning for life! 🙂 Sarah- How does it smell? I always hate self tan lotions that smell funky- especially when I sweat!

  13. Maggie Farrington says

    and i’m a subscriber!

  14. Maggie Farrington says

    and sharing on facebook! so glad the spray has come to boone!

  15. Ashely Scruggs says

    I always used baby oil when I was in high school to speed things up when I laid out. Needless to say I got burned quit a few times!

  16. Ashely Scruggs says


  17. Ashely Scruggs says

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  18. I burn easily, but am pretty careful. The last time I remember being burnt badly was in 1st grade when I got a bad beach-sunburn. I remember going to school MISERABLE!

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  21. Carey Maple says

    So excited to have this locally!

  22. I got bulb marks on my butt from tanning with a thong bikini! Very painful to sit down.

  23. Carey Maple says

    Thanks to Outersanctum and Brett, look forward to a safe tanning experience.

  24. Carey Maple says

    For those that have never spray tanned…its fantastic. The perfect way to look as if you just returned from holiday.

  25. On my 13th birthday, I fell asleep at the pool with my back exposed for several hours. I was BRIGHT RED and I had to spend my birthday laying on the living room floor, applying washclothes soaked in vinegar to soothe the burn! It was terrible! Then, I got blisters and sun poisoning, and when I played soccer later, the burned skin filled up with sweat blisters. GA-ROSS!

  26. I fell asleep in the sun at the beach when I was about 13, covered in baby oil. BIG mistake! Needless to say, the next day I hurt severely. The backs of my legs got burnt so bad I could barely even shop 🙁 Hope the spray tan really is as great as it sounds! Looking forward to know too if it has a smell??

  27. Subscriber too!

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  29. i don’t want to enter, since i already had one, so if i win by some freak chance, i will forfeit… but i want to answer maggie’s question – it does not stink! i was worried about that, too. but it actually smelled very pleasant. clean and kind of citrusy.
    ps – my worst sunburn was when i was in 7th grade and had NKOTB painted on my face at an outdoor festival. when i burned and washed it off, i had a big white face tattoo proclaiming my love for the New Kids on the Block for DAYS!!! 🙂

  30. Allison West says

    When I was 16 I spent a Sunday afternoon at the lake with a friend, and since there was a breeze I decided I didn’t need sunscreen (!). After 4 hours (2 hours on each side — did I mention I have blonde hair and freckles?), it was time to go home. I thought I looked a little pink, and started to get a little worried. An hour or so later I realized why I was worried. I was as red as a candied apple and in more pain than I’ve ever been in (that includes childbirth!). I missed 3 days of school and when I wasn’t lying in bed completely still, I had to take ice baths to which I had to be practically carried because I was unable to walk, as I couldn’t bend my knees without crying. I also got sun poisoning and the 2 days I did go to school, I couldn’t wear a bra! Did I mention I was 16?! Needless to say, my Trapper Keeper provided a necessary shield. It was horrible.

  31. Maryann Holder says

    After moving away from Florida for a few years, I went home for a visit. I spent an entire day out on the Gulf fishing. Even thought I was smart enough to apply sunscreen, it was no match for my normally Army covered uniform and hours out on the sun reflecting water.

  32. Maryann Holder says

    posted on facebook

  33. Sun Poisoning…very itchy, want to scratch your skin off itchy…thanks to a tanning bed. Sworn off since, still pale. Need spray tan!

  34. subscriber

  35. I get burned every time i sit in the sun. Some people burn then it turns tan, not me! I get stripes of bright red that hurt for a few days then I go back to my neon white self. Ive always wanted to try the spray tan but worry about ending up with an orange glow.

  36. also a subscriber

  37. Kari M. Nederbrock says

    Oh my goodness, the tanning season is here. I have fair skin and I have had my share of burns. There are two I remember most, having blisters on my shoulders and having to ‘lightly’ bandage them so I could try to finish the swim test during a summer swim class I had taken. And the other, after an afternoon of laying out in the sun with friends who actually could tan, I remember seeing ‘spots’ and then not seeing anything! I was so sick and felt nauseous. I tried my hardest to keep up with the tanning girls in high school. What we won’t do for a tan! Now I try to stay out of the sun, if I can. And feel much better about it!

  38. I put butter….yes butter on my face once…can you believe it? So dumb. I was in HS. Still should have know better. My forehead peeled in layers and the skin was hard. It was so gross. I ofen wonder if I will get cancer just from that one experience. Although I used to lay out in the sun a lot…I never do now. I am so scared of what I have done to my skin in the past. Scary! I would LOVE a little color on my legs.

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