Watauga County Home Energy Savings Competetion

Want a fast, fun way to save on your electric bill, help the environment, and win prizes all at the same time? All you have to do is join the Watauga County Home Energy Savings Competition by May 6!

Sponsored by Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation, the competition is the brain child of Janet Miller, long-time Watauga County resident and a graduate student at Appalachian State University majoring in Building Science. She developed the project as part of her degree requirements.

Watauga Energy Challenge logoThere are no losers in this competition! There will be lots of prizes awarded along the way, including t-shirts and shower timers for the first 100 Blue Ridge members to sign up. Those active and participating on the competition’s Facebook page will also be eligible for weekly gift cards to Lowes Home Improvement store. The top 10 members who reduce their kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption the most (based on percentage) for May (as compared to their April consumption) will receive gift cards and the grand prize winner will receive a free home energy audit compliments of High Country Energy Solutions, along with a restaurant gift card.

Participants will sign a pledge and be sent tips and information on how to start saving energy right away. Key steps include taking Blue Ridge Electric’s online home energy audit and signing up at www.BlueRidgeEMC.com to start monitoring their electricity usage through the cooperative’s monitoring tools: www.MyUsage.com or Google Power Meter.

The competition will run for the month of May. Winners will be selected based on comparisons of their April bill to their May bill to see who can save the most on their kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption (based on percentage) for May as compared to their April consumption. Residents who live in Watauga County and have Blue Ridge Electric as their electric provider are eligible to participate in the competition. To sign up, simply email your name, Blue Ridge account number, and telephone number to ReduceHomeEnergy@gmail.com..