Watauga County Library Announces Summer Reading Program

Watauga_County_Public_Library It is almost that time! Kids all across the county will be walking out the doors of their school for the last time this school year. Parents are making their summer lists now to avoid the “I am bored” comments coming into their house each and every day. The Watauga County Library has announced a fantastic summer reading program. You will want to make plans now to attend these wonderful offerings. It is also a great way to keep kids motivated to read during the summer.

The “Dig Into Reading 2013” program will kick-off on the last day of school with an Ice Cream Social. This will be held on June 12th at 2:00 pm. It will include ice cream and EYA: Drums and Dance courtesy of Watauga Arts Council.

Reminder: You will need to sign-up for some of the programs in advance.

Summer 2013 Schedule

June 13th at 11:30 * Birdman Dave * How Birds Learn to Read
Admire the flight of birds; awaken the flight of your imagination with Dave and his amazing birds!

June 17th at 4:30 * Chess Club (Chess for all ages)

June 18th & 25th at 11:00 am * Music with Laura Donavan

June 18th at 9:30 and 10:30 * Gem Mining with the Schiele Museum
Please Sign Up * Limited Space

June 18th at 3:30 * Art in the Afternoon
Fairies and Fairy Houses, A Craft For All Ages

June 18th at 4 pm * Erik Dobell Reads Your Mind
One hour of fantastical mind reading.

June 20th at 1 pm * The Almost Amazing Al The Magician

June 27th at 1:30 Mad Science
We make it our mission to spark imaginative learning! Mad science is the leading science enrichment provider for children in kindergarten through to grade 6.
Mad Science delivers unique, hands-on science experiences to children.

PJ Family Breakfast at 10 am

July 1st * Chess Club at 4:30


July 10th * Reptiles with the NC Museum of Natural History

July 15th * Chess Club at 4:30pm

July 19th at 2 pm * Hobbit Fest
Hobbit Movie and Food
Come dressed as your favorite character!

July 25th GameTruck at 2 pm and 2:40 pm
Please Sign Up Limited!

July 31st at 5 pm * Family Night * Food & Fun
Come dressed as you favorite fairy, elf, or gnome.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I always forget to sign up. Maybe this year I will remember, thanks to you. 🙂