We Came, We Saw: Toy Story 3 (4-Tickets GIVEAWAY)

Ever since Pixar’s Toy Story hit the big screen several years ago, it has captured the hearts of kids and adults everywhere.  There’s something about watching the toys we played with as kids come to life.  I don’t know about you, but I totally had the

  • Barrel of Monkeys
  • Mr (and Mrs.) Potato Head
  • Green Army Men (my brothers had those)
  • Little Bo Peep Doll (I really did)
  • Etch-a Sketch
  • Slinky-Dog
  • and of course Barbie!

We took the family to see Toy Story 3 at Regal Cinema inToy Story 3 Image Boone a few days ago, and we loved it! The film starts off with a fun imagination sequence, with Andy as a boy, playing with his signature toys.  We are then taken through a montage of home videos of Andy as he grows up.

At 18, Andy is about to go off to college, and trying to decide what to do with his beloved toys. I’m pretty sure that my beloved childhood toys are still in boxes at my mom’s house.  Th decision is a familiar one: donate the toys, throw them away, or put them up in the attic.  Actually watching this process with Andy and his mom made me anxious to do our own toy-purging session.

After some confusion, the toys end up at the Sunnyside Day Care, where they are greeted by enthusiastic toys, including the Patriarch of the group: Lot’s-O-Huggin’ Bear.  “Lots0,” as the fellow toys call him, is a huggable, pink, strawberry-scented bear, who runs the DayCare like a mob boss.

Hilarity and suspense ensues, complete with toy-torture (Buzz always gets the raw deal, doesn’t he?), “Baby” the enforcer, Barbie’s rolloercoaster relationship with a fashionista Ken, and an adorable little girl who reminds me of my middle child!

The musical score of the movie is superb, and it handles larger issues without losing the little ones’ attention:

  • Andy’s mom deals with a child going off to college
  • Woody tries to hold on too tightly to a changing relationship with Andy
  • Buzz realizes when it’s time to move on, telling Woody, “Our mission with Andy is complete.”
  • The toys have to confront “bullies” and evil people who manipulate others.

When I asked my kids what message they learned from the film, the 7 year old said, “You can’t trust people, even if they look nice.”  At first, I was taken aback by this.  But then, we turned it into a stranger safety lesson.  Just like “Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear,” a stranger may look safe and nice, but you can’t judge by someone’s appearance.

I always ask my kids that question after a movie. 1. to see if they are thinking critically. 2. to make sure the ever-prevalent propaganda messages of modern films are lost on them (usually so). 3. to laugh- it’s usually pretty cute/funny

Your Chance to See It!

Regal Cinemas in Boone and the High Country Mom squad would like you to have the chance to see Toy Story 3 as well!  We are giving away 4 tickets, which can be used for ANY movie at Regal Cinemas. If you’ve already seen TS3, you could consider these upcoming family-friendly movies:

Despicable Me (PG) – Now Playing

The Last Airbender (PG)- Now Playing

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (PG) – Coming Soon

The Karate Kid (PG) – Coming Soon

Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, sharing which of the classic toys in Toy Story 3 you played with as a child!  Also, if you’ve seen the movie, what did you think?

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Disclosure: Regal Cinemas in Boone provided me with movie tickets to review Toy Story 3 and share my opinions.  All opinions are my own.  No other compensation was provided for this review..


  1. I loved my Etch-A-Sketch! But, more so, I think I bought my kids ALL those classics just because I remembered how much fun they were and our favorite, as a family, is definitely Mr and Mrs Potato Head.

    We saw the movie opening weekend and my kid (ages 4, 4, 11 and 12) ALL loved it! It had some interesting twists and turns but that’s why we didn’t get bored. It’s definitely not just another sequel but a new movie with familiar characters.

  2. subscriber

  3. Susan Rooney says

    Mr. Potato head was my favorite!!

  4. I had Etch A Sketch, Mr Potato Head, Barrel of Monkeys and of course Barbie. Loved them all. Why don’t they make toys like that any longer? We would love to see this movie. My daughter has seen the other Toy Story movies and loves them.

  5. Facebook subscriber

  6. Etch A Sketch

  7. Mr. Potato Head and I loved him as Zuchini Head in this movie!

  8. subscriber

  9. Christina says

    Barbie and Mr. Potato Head

  10. Christina says


  11. Jennifer says

    Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, Etch A Sketch and Barrel of Monkeys. I loved them all!

  12. Jennifer says


  13. Loved the movie! I had Mr. Potato Head, though he never seemed to have the parts I needed.

  14. I’m a subscriber.

  15. The entire family loved the movie! Even our 2 1/2 year old sat in her own seat the entire movie! I had Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Etch-a Sketch, Barbie, and I had one of those white phones.

  16. Subscriber 🙂

  17. I follow HCmomsquad on Twitter.

  18. And I Tweeted!

  19. I played with BARBIE!!!, my Etch-a-scetch, I had a Mr. Potato Head, and some Green Army men (really, I did!).

  20. follow on twitter!!!

  21. Loved my Barbie and Ken when I was a little girl! Also had lots of fun with Mr. Potato Head, I don’t think they had Mrs. Potato Head until later(and no I’m not that old!), and spent hours playing with the Etch-A-Sketch. Such fun memories!

  22. Mom Squad Subscriber

  23. I am a follower of HCMomsquad on Twitter.

  24. Tweeted about this giveaway!

  25. I had Etch-a-Sketch, Mr. Potato Head and Barbie and the Fisher Price Phone. Always wanted the Barrel of Monkeys, but my mom told me they weren’t any fun!!

  26. I had Barbies.

  27. fb fan

  28. I played with Barrel of Monkeys as a kid. Loved seeing how many monkeys you could pick up and then seeing if you could swing your long line of monkeys around with none falling off! My kids love them as well! Wonderful toys!

  29. FB FAN

  30. I loved barrel of monkeys!!

  31. I had barbies galore, Mr. Potato Head and an Etch a Sketch. We haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m hoping to take my son soon!

  32. I’m a subscriber.

  33. I loved barbies and potato heads. We saw the movie and loved it.

  34. subscriber

  35. I loved Barbies, potato heads, also the FP phone that rolls! We did see the movie. Everyone loved it. Didn’t get to see it in 3-d though.

  36. Mee!! Me! I wanna go to the movie for free!

  37. I had an Etch a Sketch that I loved!

  38. Jennifer L. says

    My siblings and I had several of what I believe to be “cool” toys seen in the Toy Story movies – but the most-played-with in our house, by far, was Barbie and her friends! My sister and I used to build huge houses with our records as walls (Barbie always had the Beach Boys and the Beatles as her walls). 🙂 I thought Toy Story 3 was incredible! AND yes, I boohooed at the end – along with many other moms in the audience. Spoiler: Didn’t y’all love the fact that Andy played with his toys one last time at the end?

  39. Jennifer L. says


  40. Jennifer L. says

    Facebook, too!

  41. donna martin says

    My kids loved Buzz lightyear. They were the first generation Toy Story kids! My oldest sons now 21 actually saw the movie opening nite at midnight! I haven’t seen it yet and my 10 year old is begging to go!!! Send tickets please!!!

  42. Had Barbie, Etch-A-Sketch and more! Loved them all! My little bug wants to see the movie and so do I!!

  43. OK, I had Barbie & a couple of her friends. I had a slinky, but it wasn’t a dog. I did have an etch-a-sketch. And I had a barrel of monkeys! We haven’t seen Toy Story 3 yet, but I’ve heard it’s great.

  44. subscriber

  45. I am a subscriber! But I don’t tweet.

  46. barbie!! and loved the movie!

  47. subscriber

  48. Sheila Greene says

    I loved my etch a sketch, Barbie and Mr. Potato Head as a kid. It’s been great to become reacquainted with them all since I’ve had children of my own:)

  49. Subscriber

  50. I had an etch-a-sketch, army men, barrel of monkeys, barbies and mr. and mrs. potato head!! I would have loved a slinky dog though 🙂

    Haven’t seen the movie – but really want to!

  51. Michelle G. says

    I had Barbies, a slinky, an Etch-a-sketch, and probably Mr. Potato Head. My kids have a Mrs. Potato Head now.
    Would love to see the movie!

  52. Michelle G. says


  53. Barbie and Mr. Potato Head

  54. I had Barrel of Monkeys but never understood what was supposed to happen with them, and I never had a Barbie. I just had her little sister “Skipper”. Skipper had a skateboard or skates, and, at some point, my skipper lost one leg (but I still made her skate!).

  55. Kristi Falcone says

    I played with Etch-a-Sketch, slinky dog and the potato heads – with real potatoes! But my favorite (and still is) was Barbie. I played with Barbie, Ken, Midge, Allen, Francie, Skipper, Tootie and the Dream House, the Car, and so many other Barbie-phenalia. I still have collectible Barbies in a doll cabinet that are mine and my daughters. She’s 25 and sometimes we still get them out and arrange their hair and fluff out their billowy skirts!

  56. Mr. Potato Head and Barbie. (Mom Squad and FB)

  57. Jennifer Lawrence says

    Love Mr. Potato Head and Etch a Sketch. Just now became a Barbie fan with my daughter.

  58. Jennifer Lawrence says


  59. Growing up, I LOVED my Barbie dolls. Like my daughter, though, I played with a variety of toys, including my brother’s green army men. I love watching my kids play together. After the new TS3, my son began playing a little Woody toy with his sister, who played with her Polly Pockets. Woody would have to “rescue”them and ride them home on his horse, Bullseye. Such great movies and toys!

  60. I had a barbie house, and the potato head of course! My Barbie house was much better than the ones they make these days….loved the movie!!!

  61. We had many of the toys, The main ones are the Etch-a-Sketch, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie and the Fisher Price Phone.

  62. I only had the Barbie – since my mother was a huge fan.

  63. I’m a subscriber too.