Websites That Will Solve All Your Problems #1

Many people say that the internet is a bad influence on our society. While in some cases, I agree, on the whole, it has opened up tremendous opportunities, as well. Today, I’d like to highlight two companies that are making our lives a little bit easier using the web!

EZ School Supplies really makes it “easy” for parents to order school supplies, AND for your school or organization to make 10% back in cash or more supplies. (Hello? PTO anyone?)

Here’s how it works:

1. Your school or organization signs up for the EZ School Supplies donation program, and uploads teacher or grade level supply lists.

2. Parents log on to, and order the supplies they need. No more waiting in line for hours at Walmart, and getting into a cat fight with another mom over the last 3-ring binder with a view window! You know that would be all over Facebook!

3. You can have the products delivered to the school for free, or to your house and pay shipping. Your child’s supplies will come to the school in a box with their name on it. There is NO SORTING of products involved!

4. Your School will get 10% of the revenue back in cash donations or more supplies. You could even donate the school’s donated supplies to less fortunate children in the school or community.

I received some of their products last week. You can read my review and enter to win a big box of school supplies at Real Life Review


Local Parents Christian and Rebekah Chew have started a company called High Country Homeowners Network. Whether you are building a home, or just need repairs and updates, High Country Homeowners will find high quality contractors for any job. You can use their free service to find a contractor, or refer a contractor that you have worked with. If your chosen contractor is not on their list, they will do the research to make sure he/she is reputable. I really think this is a great service, and one my husband and I could have used a few times as we’ve built two houses here, if you know what I mean.

Christian and Rebekah have lived in the High Country for 1-1/2 years, and have two boys ages five and three. When I asked about their criteria for recommending a contractor, here’s what they said:

We interview contractors to get a feel for their service, people skills and experience. We want to get to know them. We have not sent out any contractors that we have not met. We check their most recent references, check for insurance, licensing, Better Business Bureau Reports, verify addresses and just about anything else we can do to find out more about them. This saves a lot of time for homeowners and minimizes their risks. There are never any guarantees that every project will be prefect but we certainly try to eliminate the possibilities of problem contractors. We are always looking for great service providers that really care about the client’s wants, needs and time lines. The goal is to provide the homeowners with a free service that saves them time. The contractors are provided with steady business leads that allow them to choose their work rather than have their work choose them. We are still growing quickly and meeting lots of people in the area. We do not have every type of contractor in our network yet but we will take the time to find and interview new people for any requested task from home repairs to home building.

What do you think about these websites? I’m sure they would love to hear your opinions!.