Wednesday Fun!

We have had a fun Wednesday routine for a while now, and I thought I’d share it with you, so you can join in.

Last Wednesday, we actually added a new leg to our Wednesday rounds, when we went to the Watauga County Farmers’ Market. They are open Wednesday mornings through Sept. 10, and you have to get there early for the produce! The Kids’ Craft Table is of particular interest to moms. Melissa Jaroszewski is a High Country Mom and art teacher, who teaches Summer Art Classes for kids at the Western Watauga Library. She is a NC and TN certified art teacher, and loves working with kids, so she’s sharing her craft at the Market. Visit Melissa’s Website (Click Here) to see the schedule and sign up, or email Melissa at

Next, we go to Bald Guy Brew at 10:30 to hang out with the High Country Mommies. The kids have a great time playing in the little playroom there, complete with toys they’ve never seen before. (Those toys are always better than the one at home!) Don and Samir serve up the brew with their signature personalities, and welcome us and our kids! Do you know another coffee shop where your kids can play around without getting some interesting looks? Don’t like coffee? Bald Guy has wonderful Hot Chocolate, and Smoothies, as well as refreshing iced coffee and Frappes.

Then, we usually go to Blimpie for lunch, where Rick and the gang make quesadillas for the kids. The adults, (and even the kids) can get , wraps, salads and $5 footlongs. Blimpie has a deck outside, so you can enjoy the great weather we’ve been having.

I know what you’re thinking…She’s just saying those things because they are all Mom Squad Sponsors.” But I am not joking, I DO these things almost every Wednesday! Ask any of my friends, because I’m always trying to get them to come with me!

And why are they sponsors? Because I was doing these thing before I even started the Mom Squad! I told them I’d never come back if they didn’t join me, and they couldn’t bear not to see my smiling face every week. Just kidding – but they are sponsors because they are wonderful places to take the kids. So come on! Get dressed and get the kids out the door! You can eat breakfast at the Market!

Here are some pictures from last week! And check out more pictures on our new Photos Page.



  1. What great pictures!! Yay for sponsors!!

  2. I love hearing about family routines or traditions- I will have to take my little one to the farmers market next week, sounds like fun!

  3. I am so glad you like Melissa’s art classes. We did think they would be perfect for Wednesdays as many moms prefer the calm to the crowds on Saturdays.

    Watauga County Farmers’ Market sponsors this site because it is such a great idea, I only wish there had been this sort of network back in the dark ages when I was a mommie. We also support this site because a firm belief in the future is at the very heart of farming. We really do love to see the children there.