weekend events 3/13-3/15

After much hunting around online on calendars and “things to do” sites, I am at a loss for what to do this weekend.  So I’m going to tell you where I’ll be!  (Although, honestly, I will probably be going on Thursday to get a head start, as many of you probably are.)

Wee-Cycle Children’s Consignment Sale!!!!  http://weecyclechildrensconsignment.blogspot.com/

I’m hearing great things about the sale this year!  I spoke to a friend dscf5188this morning who said the price-points are spot-on and there is a huge variety of clothing and supplies for all ages.  This really got me excited, because I am kind of a tough sell at consignment sales.  My general rule is: If I can buy it new on a clearance rack somewhere, why in the heck would I buy it used for more??  Can’t wait to see the selection!

I visited the website, and here is what Sharon, the owner of the sale says about preparing for a successful trip to the sale:

Arrive early to get in line for those great buys and unexpected finds! “The early bird catches the worm”. The good stuff goes fast–trust me!

Bring a laundry basket (attach a belt or rope to pull it behind you). It is so much easier to look through the racks when you are not holding an armful of clothing. Sorry, no strollers or wagons.

Bring cash. Wee-Cycle only accepts cash payment. When adding up your costs remember that we are required by NC state law to charge 6.75% sales tax.

Make a list. Or make two lists, one with needs and one wish list!

Know your children’s sizes. Check rack for one size up and one size down from your child’s current size, different brands can vary in size. Measure their shoes or draw a foot print on poster paper or cardboard that you can slip right into the shoe you are considering.

Click here to see more tips for Shopping Wee-Cycle.

Click here to see pictures from the sale and to share your great finds!

Information derived directly from Sharon’s blog – Thanks, Wee-Cycle!!  See you this weekend!


Sunday, March 15 has some theater and arts in store!

7:00 p.m. – Annual Alliance Talent Night

Tickets are still available this Sunday or during the week at the Church Office.  Ticket prices are:  $3.00 per person with a $15.00 max per family.  (Cost to cover pizza and event expenses) You are encouraged to bring a dessert to share with your table. If you have questions, please contact Dean Moyer at dmoyer@abfboone.org.

3:00 pm   Hayes Performing Arts Center~ Lady Bird, Pat & Betty: Tea for Three

This one-woman play paints a witty, intimate portrait of the theatrical lives of three consecutive first ladies: Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford. This funny trip down memory lane reminds us of the political past and provides a fresh, feminine angle from which to examine the inner workings of the White House and three extraordinary women. Suggested Ages 12+


As usual, I would love to know what you have planned for this weekend!!  Please feel free to comment if you know about something fun!

Quick last-minute addendum:

Twilight fans: check www.dragonflytheater.com for posting of currently “to be determined” showings of the movie!!!   I am such a nerd.  I will probably go to see it again, and hunker down on that comfy Dragonfly couch for some Cullen time!

yeah... that's me and Edward.

yeah... that's me and Edward.



  1. Thanks for the heads up! I just sent my mom the link so she can go grab me some baby stuff 🙂

  2. I went by this morning and I thought they did have a pretty good selection. I have been looking for a bike for my almost three year old who has outgrown the tricycle. They didn’t really have anything like that, but lots and lots of other things.

  3. Good post Amy … especially the picture!! We are planning on attending our schools family movie night which is showing Kung Fu Panda.The kids are all excited. I love when schools do stuff like this.

  4. Lillie – do you know if the school movie fundraiser is open to everyone? I heard about it and thought about going, but we aren’t at Blowing Rock… if it si open to all, would you mind posting the details? Thanks!

    And I’m glad you like my silly picture. It made me laugh!

  5. Amy, you crack me up! I love the pic! Hey, can you introduce me to Edward sometime?

  6. Amy,
    The Family Movie Night is something that our PTO is doing.The flyer says
    that it is for Pre-k -2nd grade.(parents should accompany their kids:) I do not have an answer to your question since I could not get a hold of our PTO president. I would think its probably just for BR students but if you would like to be our guests let me know!!!

  7. Thanks, Lillie! You’re sweet. We opted for a night in tonight! 🙂