What Makes a Restaurant Experience Great?

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When you take your kids to a restaurant, what makes the experience enjoyable for you and your kids?

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  1. Shopping Giraffe says:

    First of all- a great kids menu so my older kids have real choices.

    Second, I can’t stand to go to place that makes you pay for kids drinks in addition to their meal. (Call me cheap but I think it should be part of the kid’s meal.)

    Third- ENOUGH HIGH CHAIRS! I have 2 in high chairs and there have been so many times we’ve had to wait that I bought these portable, inflatable boosters.

    Fourth, a staff that has sense. So many times we’ve been seated a booth where my toddler’s high chair won’t reach table OR they try to put 2 adults, 2 big kids and 2 high chairs are a square 4-top table- DUH! Or they sit my drink at my toddler’s fingertips- just a little common kid sense makes the experience so much better.

    Finally, if I’m really lucky- the food is at least decent, we all have a good time, they promptly bring a towel to help with the inevitable spill, and everybody leaves satisfied!

  2. *Enough space at the table or booth for the high chair or for me to hold my baby without being squeezed between the table and the seat/booth.

    *Cleanliness (that should be first)-I have a high chair cover, but if a high chair has food on it from who knows how long ago, that is just nasty.

    *Decent prices for our budget.

    *Good food!

  3. I agree with both of you ladies.

    Another thing I think about is the atmosphere. It has to be loud and active enough to cover my children’s noise, but not too loud, so as to bother them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A resturaunt that is prepared for small kids. I have been too many times that I too have had to fold coats up to hopefully get the kids high enought to reach the tabel.
    Also a restraunt that does not allow any smoking!!!