Winter Art Workshops at The Turchin Center

You don’t have to worry about getting Cabin Fever or the Winter Blues! Why you ask?

Because The Turchin Center for the Visual Arts is working hand-in-hand with Appalachian State University’s Dept. of Arts to bring about Visual Art Workshops. These will be for all ages, from kids, teens, and adults starting this month, January, and continuing during these next few winter months. Instead of being cooped up, this will give a place to nurture the creativity and artist within. Who knows? You or your child might be the next Monet or Picasso!



Workshops for the kids begin with After School Art: Boone Room 13 on Mondays from 3:15 – 4:30pm. Classes will run from January 23rd through February 27th and will be in Turchin Center Classroom 3200. The sessions will be taught by Art Education Faculty, as well as, Elementary Education Majors for that one-on-one experience and costs $30, a steal by any means! Taking inspiration from Room 13 in Scotland, the kids, age 7 to 13, will be able to use the art studio to create and design such things as Paintings, Printmaking, Comic books, Boxing Rings, Clay replicas or Sculptures, and much more. They will also be able to work with a management team that they have selected to give guidance, order supplies, help with fund raising and oversee their space or room.

Another Workshop for the kids being offered is the Drawing Club on Tuesdays from 3:15 – 4:30pm and runs from January 24th through to March 6th. Held in the Turchin Center Classroom 3200, this workshop is taught by Art Education Faculty and Art Education Majors and also costs $30. During these sessions, the spontaneity and creativity will flow as the imagination is coaxed to reveal itself! Kids can draw anything that they wish from animals, aliens, landscapes, flowers, people, self-portraits, cartoon characters, anything that comes to mind…and then explore that even more! With plenty of sketchbooks, paper, pencils and erasers, pastels and charcoal, the possibilities are endless.



For the Adults, this Workshop is called the “Open Life Drawing Sessions” attended and supervised by Jason Watson, an Assistant Professor in the Art Department. The class will be from 7-10pm on Tuesdays from January 17th through May 1st in the Turchin Center Classroom 3200 with the 1st session costing $5, 5 sessions – $15, and 10 sessions – $25, and vouchers for the classes are required to be purchased before attending the sessions with only 20 spaces available, so arrive a few minutes early to make sure you have a space.

Open to ASU staff, students and the community, Artists from beginners to expert are welcome to participate in these ongoing and open studio sessions. (Caution – there will be live nude models). Bring your own materials and creativity, but the space and inspiration is provided, and classes are non-instructional. The sessions will have a blend of long and short poses and will use both male and female models.


Discovering inspiration and exploration of the imagination is what helps us to grow intellectually, so take this opportunity to build upon what is already in the mind and bring it out on paper and canvas for the whole world to participate in with you!


Make sure to attend one of these Winter Art Workshops.For more info on how to register, visit their website at Also know that the Spring Workshops will be starting in March, so take a peek at their upcoming events at




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